Videos and Images from
Sailing by Starlight

Below are videos and images from Sailing by Starlight.

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Video #1: Crewman Bob Rout explains how he came to sign on to the expedition.

Video #2: Crewman Bob Rout talks about what impressed him about Marv Creamer.

Video #3: Creamer's friend, Rob Cheshire, speaks about how he met Marv, late in the older man's life. (Rob eventually purchased Jubilee, Marv Creamer's last boat, a Flicka 20.)

Video #4: After a 1978 sail to Africa, Marv talks about how travel broadens one's horizons.

Video #5: Finding Bermuda without instruments in 1980.

Video #6: Marv's son, Kurt, explains latitude sailing.

Video #7: Kurt Creamer explains how Marv lined up celestial bodies.

Video #8: Kurt Creamer discusses whether Marv would have been easy to crew for.

Video #9: Sailor (and author) Patricia Wood explains how a Micronesian/Polynesian wayfinder worked.

Video #10: One of Marv's daughters, Andra Creamer James, talks about Marv's pride and satisfaction at having completed a circumnavigation using no instruments of any kind.

Marv during an earlier journey. (Photo courtesy of the Creamer family.)

Baking bread & pies on board Globe Star. (Photo courtesy of Bob Rout.)

Globe Star leaving Whangaroa harbour, NZ.  (Photo courtesy of Bob Rout.)

Bob Rout and one of many tunas caught during the voyage. (Photo courtesy of Bob Rout.)

Creamer's logbooks. (Photo courtesy of Rowan University.)

Marv's Blue Water medal. (Photo courtesy of Rowan University.)

The custom hourglass with which the Globe Star crew kept track of their watches. (Photo courtesy Rowan University.)

Creamer and crew arrive back in Cape May, NJ. (Photo courtesy of the Creamer family.)

Marv and Jeff Herdelin during a 2016 visit. (Photo courtesy of Jeff Herdelin.)

Marv and his wife, Blanche, after the return of Globe Star. (Photo courtesy of the Creamer family.)

Bob Rout, years after the voyage. (Photo courtesy of Bob Rout.)

Nick Gill and whale bones. (Photo courtesy of Nick Gill.)

Sail plan of the Huromic/Goderich 35. (Image courtesy of Ted and Betty Brewer.)

Arrangement above- and belowdecks. (Image courtesy of Ted and Betty Brewer.)

Marv (at right) in a faculty photo in 1956. (Photo courtesy the Creamer family.)